Christian Louboutin red bottom shoes like a little black dress, as every woman's christian louboutin sale outlet dream and necessary sheet is tasted. Hollywood female stars on the red shoes of frenzy continues unabated. Whether to attend the activities or daily street, you can see the figure of red bottom shoes, now let's look at their favorite female stars what a pair of red shoes?

Louboutin had a go for women's shoes, is frequent in and out of the club, with its dazzling light and wearing bold steps, and the eyes of Christian Louboutin is more frequently at dancing girls shoes, at that time, he was only 13 years old. christian louboutin outlet sale Of dancing girls and fall in love with stage performance even after he gave up the school, only to make pairs of shoes of dazzling and dazzing. Unfortunately, there is no dancer is willing to put on his shoes - they only believe in christian louboutin outlet shoes word-of-mouth craft exquisite master.

Louboutin was not discouraged, to a great reputation at that time, Charles Jourdan system study shoemaking process and process, this is after he founded his own brand has accumulated valuable christian louboutin online outlet experience. Well after he emerged, quickly become guest designer Chanel, YSL, join after Dior's Roger took the brand, technology by leaps and bounds. Left in 1992 Dior housekeep, Christian Louboutin brand was born.

In order to give their own brands to find a recognizable symbol of Louboutin really took some mental, until one day he saw an assistant in the painted red nail polish, inspiration instant flash - why not put christian louboutin discount outlet the red paint on the sole? So the classic "red shoes" was born, the design of Louboutin also gradually become the world's women dream of beautiful weapons.
The weather turn gradually cool, and the season of clothing. Even so, for those who love beautiful girl with a pair of attractive high heels to match is enough. May be little shoe wardrobe every girl, not a pair of black high heels, but compared with the classic black joker, low-key and sharp blue is more exciting. christian louboutin sale outlet Light blue high-heeled shoes is pure and beautiful, can show more fashionable temperament. Small make up recommend a few blue high-heeled shoes also to you, see if you can bring your dress inspiration from summer to early autumn.

GIORGIO ARMANI leather pointed high-heeled shoes, pointed is fine with the design of the already strong christian louboutin outlet sale woman flavour, the fabrics of sapphire bright eye, but also full of elegant quiet feeling, elegant magnetic irresistible, let a person leave deep impression.

CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA blue and white porcelain paint water table high-heeled shoes, the extremely rich history and traditional blue and white porcelain patterns as design elements, classic elegant christian louboutin outlet shoes design makes you become fashion focus, followed by the Chinese knot type ornamen t more add bright spots, show your extraordinary taste.

AQUAZZURA suede pointed hollow out with high heels, pointed gives it a hale style of shoes in general sense,christian louboutin online outlet but add unique lace-up and hollow out design, send out women enchanting charm, mix build short skirt out your slender legs, more reveal your unique fashion attitude.

Alexander Wang cobalt blue scales heels, with bright cobalt blue is given priority to, to join the white dot,christian louboutin discount outlet vamp adopts scales grain texture effect the outline of the shape of streamline and agile, pure white sole and heel on collocation, deduce the elegant wind restoring ancient ways.